I am the Cranky Coder. 20 years ago I started writing code as a teenager. During one of my early jobs I worked in a developer pit (like many others I know.) One day I was frustrated about a code problem and the rubber duck was not giving me the answers. One of the other guys started laughing and called me the Cranky Coder. It stuck. I bought the domain www.crankycoder.net and never did much with it.

My passions are arduino, coding, 3dprinting and home automation. I use all these passions together to code custom arduino projects to put in 3d printed enclosures for my home automation.

Recently I have been able to do something I had hoped to do for a long time. I was able to move further out into the country with some room to tinker. I have been able to add some gardening and I guess somewhat farming. But I get to do these things with some Cranky Coder style and have been working on smartifying and automating things for the garden and chickens.